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14 April 2015

Circular Soccer – A Fantastic New Football Training Aid is Launched!

Developed in collaboration with the team at www.circularsoccer.com – Ninja is delighted to be able to announce the launch of this revolutionary new football/soccer training aid that encourages players at all levels to think faster, react quicker under pressure, be more competitive and add new skills to their game.

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This is a unique concept that:

• Can transform coaching for grassroots soccer.
• Breathe new life into sports classes in primary and secondary education.
• Gets the kids off their games consoles playing virtual soccer games and outside to play the real thing!

New ideas that really change the dynamic of how young players naturally learn to play a genuinely more creative style of soccer, are few and far between. You can help us kick start a global grassroots soccer revolution and bring Circular Soccer to the world. Spread the word, kick-off and become part of the latest and greatest new development to be seen in football!

Check out the video of Rory Mcilroy Vs Jamie Dornan trying it out!

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