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01 November 2015

Bubble the fun with the NEW… Bubble Tub

bubbletub longAt Ninja we are always striving to develop new and innovative products and with our NEW Bubble Tub inflatable pool we think that we have achieved this goal.

The Bubble Tub adds a design twist to the standard inflatable pool concept by allowing the supplied foot pump to be used not only to inflate the pool but also be connected into the pools integrated bubble ring. Now all that is needed is a little foam bath mixture and like magic, when pumped, this foamy bubbles are created in the water in under 2 minutes.

The Bubble Tub comes supplied with a 3L Bellows Foot Pump that can be used to quickly inflate the pool ready for use. Once inflated the same pump can then be easily attached to the bubble ring connector using our specially developed adapter.

Along with our standard colour we will soon have available licensed versions of our Bubble Tubs.

From the hit movie Disney Frozen to Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol we have many different brands so the children can play alongside their favourite characters.

Check out all of our different versions here

Children will have so much fun splashing around and making their own bubbles… Hours of bubbly fun!


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