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29 April 2015

Those wonderful sunny days are here again… let’s keep our children safe!

As the warmer, more enjoyable months of summer approach, we feel that it is our obligation to express the importance of staying protected in the sun. We are proud to offer our Infant and Family Sun Shades which both hold a 50+ UPF protection level. These products have been tested against the harsh sun of Australia in both direct sunlight and scattered UV, in which they have proven to be amongst our most trusted and classic products. Whilst sun protection is needed in our everyday lives, on those special days out, having the extra protection afforded by our Sun Shade gives you added confidence to enjoy the sun with your little ones.

The importance of Sun Protection

Protection against the sun during childhood and adolescence is an important factor in keeping safe, as experiencing sunburn in younger years increases the chance of developing more serious conditions later on in life. Current research illuminates the threat that the damage endured to cells done in childhood and exposure to UV rays can trigger skin cancer during adulthood. UV rays penetrate deep into the skin often damaging cells without any warning or pain to show that protection is needed.

A recent article in American Way Magazine caught our attention in regards to staying safe in the sun! We thought the information provided great intelligence from dermatologist Kathy L. Anderson, DO, FAOCD on how to spot skin damage and how to remain having fun in the sun. Dr. Anderson highlights three factors she identifies as being important to stay safe: high quality sunscreen, appropriate clothing for covering up and keeping yourself well moisturised.

In terms of health problems, Dr. Anderson focuses on skin irritation. Skin spots are a way in which you can see skin damage occurring due to physical changes in appearance or itching. It is safest to get these checked as soon as possible to avoid any further health problems. Additionally she also makes a note of antioxidants such as vitamin D, omega 3 and Vitamin C as being highly beneficial to help clear out free radicals that UVA and UVB create in our bodies.

Dr. Anderson expresses the importance of avoiding sunburn as a young child as ‘just one blistering sunburn as a child can double the chance of developing melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer)’.

It is statistics such as the one above which inspires us and reinforce our wanting to spread awareness of the damages that can be caused by too much sun exposure.

We at Ninja are proud of our Infant and Family Sun Shades which help to keep families safe worldwide, whilst encouraging outdoor family fun…. what could be better than this!

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